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Josep Maria Ribas Prous

ribas prous portrait

About the photographer and his work



Josep Maria Ribas Prous (Barcelona, 14 december 1940). Fine art photographer specialized in black&white argentic photography.


First Spanish photographer awarded with the distinction of Maître de la Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (MFIAP, 1985) by the International Federation of Photography.


He has received also the distinctions of Artist (AFIAP, 1976), Excellence (EFIAP,1981) and Excellence FIAP (ESFIAP, 1991). He is honorary member of different societies and photography salons and he has received more than 1000 national and international awards. His work is exhibited in 62 international museums and private collections around the world.

Artistic nude, conceptual photography, pictorialism, landscape, people and culture stand out as the major themes within his photography work.


Described as an author with unmistakable style, Josep Maria is constantly striving for unique ways of reflecting aesthetics and simplicity, through a deep understanding of the art and photographic techniques and processes.


In the beginning of his career, he was well-known for his expertise in photographic print toning (sulfide, selenium and gold toning). He has also worked with pigmentary procedures (gum bichromate and carbon processes), as well as in the research and dissemination of other historical or primitive procedures known as nobles, such as cyanotype, salted paper, albumen process, platinotype or bromoil.


He has recently experienced and researched with new options in the form of pinhole photography and wet plate collodion 

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